How to Paint a Model in Her Underwear. You signed up for “figure studio,” and now you’re standing there with your canvas and paints—and a naked person. A lifetime of social taboos has taught you to look away. How can one communicate with, let alone paint, a naked person? The steps below will assist you.

1st step

Recognize the importance of learning to paint nudes in your artistic development. Because everyone understands what a human body is meant to appear like, you’ll need to get the proportions, shading, and motions just correct. You can’t hide your flaws behind your clothes.

2nd Step

Thank your lucky stars that someone is willing to pose naked in front of a room full of art students. Be grateful for the courage it takes to disrobe in front of a room full of strangers and models.

3rd step

Warm-up your body. Typically, the model begins by holding postures for only a few seconds, allowing you to grasp the essence of the motion before moving on rapidly. Some of these gesture drawings are more engaging than a painting that has been more meticulously done.

4th step

Concentrate on just one body area at a time. If you’re having difficulties with your hands or feet, paint those and save the rest for later. Alternatively, with each stance, you might work on something different.

5th step

Make a list of the most important items first. You will be allowed to work on the painting at home if you don’t have time to finish it during the session.

6th step

It’s important to keep in mind that maintaining a pose for several minutes might be exhausting. Allow the model many breaks, especially if you’ve asked for a tough posture.

7th step

Please keep your opinions to yourself. Never, ever comment on the model’s body. Similarly, a professional model will never criticize the artist’s work.

8th step

Put the camera away. No model will let you take shots unless you are a well-known and excellent artist. Don’t even think about asking.

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