What Is a Nude Model and How Do I Make One? There is no substitute for the naked model in drawing and art school. Seeing a real body up close and in natural light gives trainees a perspective that a wooden model or photograph cannot supply. Drawing a nude model, if done correctly, will equip you with new knowledge and skills. To sketch a nude model precisely, follow these instructions.

1st step

Take a few moments to just stare. This is one of the rare instances in which staring is not considered impolite. Before you touch your pencil, take a few minutes to look at the model.

2nd Step

Break the body down into components in your mind. Consider a wooden model that you use to practice drawing with. The chest, arms, torso, pelvis, and head are all important. Examine your model with these elements in mind to understand how the model’s body is positioned.

3rd step

Begin by making a rough outline. Beginning with an outline sketch of the person’s form is the most generally taught method of sketching a human figure. To concentrate on the model, try to start the sketch without looking at your drawing.

4th step

Correct any errors in your form. Examine your drawing to determine any visible differences from the model’s body once you’ve created a broadcast of the model. You can freely use your eraser to alter the sketch to fit the model better.

5th step

Attempts to go abstract should be avoided. While it’s easy to confuse a miscalculation for an abstract interpretation of the subject’s figure, drawing a nude model aims to learn how to portray a complicated object appropriately. Try to represent the model as exactly and realistically as possible.

6th step

As you proceed, add shading and detail. Adding detail as you go can help you fill out the sketch and gain a better knowledge of the figure itself. You may reach for the eraser a lot, but that’s okay because mistakes are inevitable in the drawing process.

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