Misha Gordin’s work is not about eroticism or sexual expression in the usual way. It’s much more about using the human body to communicate the artists’ ideas and feelings. It shows the naked human body in all that is vulnerability.

Nudity and vulnerability

Over the years, Misha Gordin has developed a strong personal style that is both a result of his traditional image manipulation in a classic darkroom and the interesting development of his own set of icons. The naked brave man, the pregnant woman, the crowd and the surrealistic landscapes. With His theme, He is for us an inner view of the soul. He makes the invisible visible. And just like the dream images of the original surrealists, the images show us impossible worlds in a very real way.

His work encourages us to reflect, think and feel. And the way we do it is dictated not only by the image, but even more by reflecting on it.

The Artists Statement:

Do I point my camera outward to the existing world or turn it inward toward my soul. I take pictures of existing reality, or the creation of my own world, so real but non-existent. Results of these two opposite approaches are particularly different and in my opinion, conceptual photography is a higher form of artistic expression that places photography at the level of painting, poetry, music and sculpture. It uses the special talent of intuitive vision. By translating the personal concepts into the language of photography, it reflects the possible answers to great questions of being: birth, death, and life. Creating an idea and transforming it into reality is an essential process of conceptual photography.

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