Jagdish Seth works at the USA. The centuries of ups are gone. How NUDE model can transform and solve the present and future generation problem, author shows a way for it.

Nothing to be very sassy about. Nudity can be a very crowd pulling idea of ??marketing. But here’s NUDE’s a new way to model a business and see the business environment in a new light called “NUDE” model. This is a runaway stand for

N = Novelty.

U = Nut.

D = Reliability.

E = Economics.

Take the case of fax machines we are so familiar with. But in the early days of fax machine, it was new idea. People often ask why anyone should send data over a telephone line. Slowly but gradually picked up and has become an essential tool of any business. There it became a utility. It has lost novelty.

Naked Models by Sculpture Studios

As we study the growth of the computer industry, ideas look useful to many and novel to a large portion of the crowd. It hangs in between. Many people see no novelty in it and use it when they use phone there. According to Michael Dell, it’s just a matter of time and internet would become an essential utility like telephone. In the same way, reliability and economy hold against the side of the table. If something is reliable, it will not be accessible to ordinary people. This means it is very extensive. But it’s cheap, it will not be reliable. Once again, the computer industry is hanging out there. Most of reliable systems are not accessible to common people. While cheap system is not so much reliable.

If we want to see NUDE model very successfully we can see the ITC model of “e-chaupal” (a case study of Harvard business school) Idea is very competitive. To give the poor and no-so-rich farmers the same tools that are in the reach of rich man like computer access is internet access to solve the age of gap is demand and supply.


Naked Models Take the Runway

In an e-chaupal, anyone can get the grain rates in Mandi from New York and Japan set in remote town of Madhya Pradesh, India. They can make their decision whether to sell or not. ITC provides ordinary people with a way to connect to the outside world that used to be a dark and very cruel world for ordinary people. The system has all component of NUDE model. This is a new idea. It uses and sells utility and commodities such as grain. The whole system is very stable and reliable. You can see the confidence in the villager’s eyes. And in the end, the very accessible to common people out there. Any business idea of ??mass market should weigh itself against NUDE model. If you can answer all the questions perfectly and deliver with economic profit your business would be a rare gem.

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