An excellent figure model is usually a seasoned pro who will make the artist’s job easier during the session. Finding that model, on the other hand, may not be simple. Not only will smart models need verification from the artist that he is doing original work, but it will also take some exertion to find models. Various internet resources are accessible, but set aside some time to review applications and portfolios to select a model that fits your concept.

1st step

Place an ad on Craigslist or a model-specific website like The Figure Models Guild. The ad should specify what you want from the artist, especially if you wish for nude drawings, and what body type and age you want. On the same website, look at the model adverts—search in the “Artists,” “Creative,” or “Talent” categories of Craigslist.

2nd Step

For a few weeks, join a figure drawing co-op. Working one-on-one with an artist may be appealing to a model. It’s completely fine to approach a model after completing their work and ask if you may contact them about modeling for your project.

3rd step

Speak with any local art teachers who use models in their classes. Most figure models do not work for a single studio or school full-time, and those professors may be willing to contact a model on behalf of an artist they believe in. To establish your credibility, be prepared to present the teacher your portfolio.

4th step

Once you’ve received responses from a few models, request that they provide a fully dressed photo so you can evaluate if their style will work for you. Make an appointment with any potential models at a public location. Bring your portfolio and be ready to answer questions about your art and your workplace. Request that the model brings a portfolio as well as confirmation that she is over 18.

5th step

Establish compensation and working conditions at the conference. Most models charge for half an hour, with a brief break. Standard practice suggests that the model work for 20 minutes and then rest for 10 minutes; however, if both you and the model agree, this can be changed within reason. After each modeling session, artists frequently compensate their models.

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